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20 June 2008

Isn't it always the way.... the power goes off in the middle of the night and you're left fumbling around in the dark trying to find your faithful old plastic torch... and when you finally do find it you get a virtually non-existent, weak yellow beam that barely lets you see your hand in front of your face.

Well, here at dStore we say, "NO MORE!"

Introducing the Smith and Wesson range of anodized aluminium xenon flashlights. Smith & Wesson may have become famous for other reasons, but these torches are second to none and best of all they are incredibly affordable.

For over 150 years, Smith & Wesson has stood for quality, reliability and dependable performance. The Smith & Wesson Flashlights have been professionally designed and engineered to meet the highest standards set by Smith & Wesson.

The Xenon bulbs provide a powerful white light that is 200% brighter than standard bulbs and the adjustable beam gives the user greater control and precision in its use.

So throw your old plastic torch in the bin and get yourself a proper torch. Get yourself a Smith & Wesson!

These Smith and Wesson flashlights realy are a fantastic bit of gear and we have 3 great models to choose from, all at 50% off...

Smith & Wesson Aluminium 2AA Ultra Bright Xenon Flashlight - was $59.95 NOW $29.95

Smith & Wesson Aluminium 2D Ultra Bright Xenon Flashlight - was $69.95 NOW $34.95

Smith & Wesson Aluminium 3D Ultra Bright Xenon Flashlight - was $79.95 NOW $39.95

Check out the features of these indestructable flashlights:

Bulb Type : White Xenon Bulb- 200% Brighter Than Standard Bulbs
Switch Type :Push-Button Switch
Battery Runtime :2 hrs
Lumens Rating : up to 72
Brilliant White Xenon Bulb
Anodized Aerospace Aluminum
Weatherproof and Corrosion Resistant
Shatterproof Lens
One-Hand Push Button Switch
Spare Bulb In Head Assembly
Strictly for 48 hours only so you'd better be quick! Log on to dStore and buy now!

Offer valid while stocks last.

Images are for illustration purposes only and actual packaging may differ.

Normal dStore Terms and conditions apply.

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  • lilpretzel
    [CENTER]http://i234.photobucket.com/albums/ee236/lilpretzel/congrats.gif [SIZE=4] on your 1st deal post Jase! [/SIZE][LEFT]Just added a image for you. :D [/LEFT] [/CENTER]
  • Jase1
    Thankyou to both lilpretzel :-)
  • nod
    Thanks Jase1 :) I would say if you are thinking of buying one to have a read ]here. There is a bit of silliness in there but some good ideas if you were thinking of grabbing a led torch

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