Dstore: Global Warming Mug with FREE Virtual Aquarium for first 100 customers

12 June 2008

Buy the Global warming mug for $19.95 and get a free virtual aquarium. Add $5.95 for postage storewide.

First 100 customers only.

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  • nod
    need a piccie of the aquarium :)
  • leny
    Deals direct are a pain with not letting you copy pics.
  • leny
    dStore..whatever... :D:D
  • Brad
    Just found one Leny: http://img1.hotshed.com/images/1089/1089610_1_111_1.jpg Just added it to your OP. I think you can also get free shipping on this if you are a new member. :)
  • leny
    Thanks Brad. Yep I don't see why you couldn't get free shipping on a new account. :)

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