Dstore - Free shipping over $49 to celebrate their new website design

27 August 2010

Free shipping for orders placed over $49. Order must be received by midnight AEST 01/09/10 to qualify.

Here's the email sent out:

We're really excited about something here at dstore. Since launching in 1999, we have stuck stubbornly to our old bright green and red colour scheme.

However, your feedback on our design has become louder and clearer. It was tired, old fashioned and (gulp) even ugly. My favourite comment came from Chris of Sydney who said the website "looks like my Nana designed it". Now I don't know Chris' Nana, but I suspect she's not a web designer.

So, we've taken those comments on board and have totally refurbished the store.

Gone are the bright colours, replaced by more subdued tones that emphasise the merchandise, not us. There are also shopping bag, general browsing and personalisation improvements that should make your shopping experience faster and more enjoyable.

So why not visit and check us out? We would love some some feedback on the new look too. Is it a hit or will Chris still think we employ his Nana?

To celebrate, we're offering Free Shipping on all orders over $49 (limited time only).

Please enjoy our new site and if you have any comments don't be shy in sharing them with us.

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Cooper - CEO

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