Dstore: Everybody Loves Raymond - $26.95 for each complete season (1 - 7), $1 shipping + Cashback

15 May 2008

Everybody loves raymond, all of the seasons 1 to 9, are only $26.95 (usually seen for around $50 and over) so it's a great deal in my opinion.

AND there is $1 shipping on all DVDs and Games at Dstore between 8am May 16 and 12pm May 19.

PLUS up to 7.2% cashback.

If using the Paypal voucher, cashback is not applicable.

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  • leny
    They better keep them on sale until tomorrow afternoon! :D I'm missing a few of the last seasons. 9 seasons were all there were. (Hmm that sounds strange) But yep, 9 seasons were all they made. :D Add: Only seasons 1 - 7 now.....................
  • Keeys
    site down atm :(
  • leny
    That's no good. :( Was up 10 mins ago.
  • Keeys
    might actually be the link...when I click on the link in this thread I get ... BACK ONLINE SOON dStore.com.au is temporarily unavailable while we undergo technical upgrades. We're working hard to make our site better! When I was just in another thread I clicked with no problems ....a mod might need to check the link on this one?
  • leny
    You were right. Fixed it now.
  • Keeys
    Thanks leny :)
  • leny
    The no good bastards pushed up the price of seasons 8 and 9 up to almost $60!!!! Not Good At All I Tell You
  • leny
    Sorry --- just letting off some steam. :D:D
  • craftykiwi
    Always enjoying watching the re-runs of this on the weekend. Very funny.
  • diider

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