Dstore: Bro Town Season 1, $14.95, $1 shipping + Cashback

15 May 2008

Bro Town Season 1 is available for $14.95 at dstore, with $1 shipping between 8am May 16 and 12pm May 19.

Plus up to 7.2% cashback.

If using the Paypal offer, cashback is not applicable.

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  • nod
    Never heard of this mob. Who or what are they?
  • leny
    bro'Town is New Zealand's first adult-targeted animated series. It is set amongst New Zealand's growing Pacific Islander community. bro'Town is regarded by its viewers as New Zealand's answer to The Simpsons (though its visual crassness is reminiscent of other animated series, and the central cast of five young boys invites comparison with South Park) and is based on the performance of the local four-man group The Naked Samoans. It's pretty funny stuff. :D

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