Django Unchained (Blu-ray + UV) is $23.60 inc. delivery at Amazon

21 May 2013

Django Unchained is available at Amazon for $23.60 inclusive of delivery. This is for the Blu-ray and UV copy of the film. It is a couple of dollars cheaper than the price at Oz Game Shop which has it at $27.99 with free delivery. I also checked Xaxxi and Dvd Land which have it at $30.99and $39.95 respectively; both prices exclude shipping costs.

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  • admin EDITOR
    This is actually a very good film. Classic Tarantino style.
  • MissSparrow
    Price has dropped marginally, but hey still a price drop. It's now $22.85 shipped.
  • jefflaing
    $20 at Target Knox tonight.
  • jefflaing
    Actually, cancel that - it was the DVD, not Bluray. Did have UV copy though...
  • admin EDITOR
    UV copy @ the same price ($20) ?

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