Discount furniture at Super A-Mart. 7-piece dining for 349.95

27 December 2008

Need a thread for us to leave our little blurbs of what bargains we may have picked up during the Boxing day sales.

Anyway, there's quite a number of bargains to be found at Super A-Mart, with furniture up to 50% off.

Here's one, 7-piece dining set for 349.95AUD. (was 599AUD pre-Christmas, and ORPP of 799AUD)

I purchased that, and a full leather rounded lounge for 1599 dropped from 2999. The price was for floor stock, but I talked them into giving me it new (found out there's only 10 left in Au). It's called the CIRCA Corner Suite with matching Ottoman Product code: 37313. The staff won't know that there's any more available, so you'd have to ask them to check. I shopped at Macgregor QLD store.

Seeing that Super A-mart's prices are already very competitive, I thought it's a pretty awesome buy for the new house. :-)

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  • sal78
    and it's very solid too but very heavy. It's very nice and cheap but I prefer light, stackable chairs like in Ikea.
  • dontask
    are the chairs in the dining suite leather as well?
  • trevorf
    Looks like the price has been returned to 799 already. The chairs are covered in micro fiber, with a suede feel (I think)
  • admin EDITOR
    I see they have a few things listed on the site at a discount but they're mostly only 300 bucks off or so.
  • trevorf
    Guess they bumped some items up again already, as Boxing day has passed. :-\

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