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7 March 2008

Those with bigger families know how hard it can be to get large dinner sets or not have to spend a fortune to get 2 sets. This is a great deal at $40 including postage and cashback.

White Embossed Dinner Set

This is a truly superb embossed dinner set. Our set comprises 8 complete settings of cup and saucer, dinner plate, side plate and a bowl for soup, cereal, pasta or salad. The attractive design features fruit entwined with leaves and vines, shown at its best by the white stoneware. Durable enough to make you feel comfortable about using the set for dining every day.

Attractive design featuring fruit entwined with leaves and vines
8 x Cups
8 x Saucers
8 x Dinner Plates
8 x Side Plates
8 x Bowls

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  • admin EDITOR
    [SIZE=4]MANGROVE[/SIZE] Clue number two: Prehistoric predator of Aussies swamps that cant be too bad - you imagine shipping must be a whack on something this heavy.
  • lilpretzel
    http://img128.imageshack.us/img128/4554/hotanimatemm0.giffrom me. That's excellent value, shame I don't have anybody to buy it for. Donkey shipping is around $21.15 :eek:
  • Keeys
    Postage to me at 2343 would usually be $22.95!!!
  • ScarletRubies
    That is a scorcher of a deal! It's not exactly my style, but... we've been running on a couple of mis-matched sets for a while now - and check out the postage saving for me in the NT:
    Nth Territory......$62.50
    Pretty impressive, huh? Shame they don't have an enlarged photo, too.
  • lilpretzel
    Ruby gee thats a lot of $$$ but I have some bad news for you. Shipping will be $32.50 :eek:
    Fair Play Policy applies: If the delivery charge is under $30 then the delivery charge is FREE. In situations where the delivery charge is greater than $30, then the first $30 is free.
  • ScarletRubies
    Ah, bummer - I thought I had read the T&Cs but it must have been for another site where the first $100 was defrayed. Never mind. And don't forget your Velocity points.
  • nod
    $60+ postage - that is ridiculous

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