Digital mood clock $6.90 delivered (?) from COTD - great for kids!

28 September 2007

Thanks to Lisss and her free delivery post for COTD this weekend if you pay with Paypal, I found this mood clock. It changes colours and I think would be great for a nursery or kiddies room. And for $6.90 delivered I think it is a bargain!

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  • nod
    32 degree and not one comment :D cool However, not so cool on COTD's part when they seem to be having some serious problems with their "free shipping" offer - hence I have added the question mark to the title of this deal
  • bluntman
    Yeah, im not sure what the deal is here, i ordered 3, registered, went through the checkout, it said shipping was $4, i assumed once i went through the paypal link that that would go, paid, they emailed me the receipt and it says that i have paid $10 for 1. so not only did the free shipping not come through, they lost my quantity as well, ill email them today to see what happened.
  • nod
    :eek: maybe something was up with the ordering system this w/e?
  • scatman00
    The quantity can be explained by this coming up when its in your cart: Next Gen. DigiMood Clock! Limit per customer:1
  • nod
    That explains it alright but the lack of free shipping is the biggest mystery :D
  • bluntman
    They refunded to paypal the shipping amount today, so its all cool. Didnt see the limit per customer but its funny the site let me add 3 to the basket no problems, anyway, its all fixed up now
  • nod
    Awesome, thanks for letting us know Bluntman. It is a shame that they are now just putting through the credits. I am sure they would have generated more sales on the weekend if the free shipping offer had gone to plan :)

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