DeLonghi Automatic Compact Coffee Machine $500 off - Harvey Norman

6 August 2012

Yesterday, I went into Harvey Norman looking for a NAS and ended up buying a coffee machine! Why you mistake was taking the wife with me.
After realising that HN didn't have anything that was worth buying in the way of network storage, I decided to look elsewhere but the wife had found her way to the coffee machines.
At this point I must admit that we did need a new machine as the old one we had was leaking but what I didn't realise was that the wife was talking to the DeLonghi rep who had sold her on the idea of getting an automatic coffee machine.
Where are you going with this you may ask. Well the machine that she had her heart set on was originally $1199 but HN had it on special for just under $900. That was not good enough for me so after some haggling and sweet talking the really nice sales rep, we managed to get this machine for $750 and a voucher to send into DeLonghi for another $50 $700 after the cashback which makes it a $500 saving.
This is why I love Harvey Norman, they don't mind budging if you ask really nicely :)

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  • Pookie
    I thought I should put a copy of my receipt in case you wanted to use it as ammo.
  • melscott28
    So is it a good machine?
  • Pookie
    So is it a good machine?
    Hey Melscott28, It's a great machine. I was originally buying ground coffee so it took a little fiddling to get the right grind setting for beans but now I can wake up in the morning and have freshly ground coffee in under 3 minutes....woo hoo :D All I need to do now is find a good deal on coffee beans....if anyone knows of a deal please send it my way :whistling:
  • melscott28
    Im so Jealous! Not a good deal on beans but best coffee brand ive had is Naked Bean.
  • Pookie
    If only I could send you a coffee down the internet hehehe I will have to find some Naked Beans. The cheapest I could find was from Coles where they are doing a 1KG LAVAZZA Arabica Gold for $22 (was $33.80)....almost worth a post? ...right im off to get another coffee :D
  • Tardis
    Could have got the machine for about $425 delivered to your door if ordered from overseas. But for Australia $500 is still a good price.
  • kearnsy
    Well he actually got $500 off, he didn't get it for $500. Actual price was $750 and then he had to send in to get $50 rebate. I believe your would get it from for $425 right?
  • Pookie
    Nice find Tardis, I guess I wasn't looking overseas for it but that is pretty good if you are happy to wait for the delivery and then change plugs etc. Any Idea what the delivery charge is form Italy...I cant translate it. By the way, I did the maths and this thing pays itself off after 166 cups of coffee!!!!! 1kg of beans = $20 (that's 30c per double shot), a coffee down the road would have cost me $4.50 so my saving is $4.20. Divide $700 into that and you get 166 cups of coffee to pay it off. That's like 1 month for me and the Missus.....I think I did the maths right ;)

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