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16 May 2009

You can get Free Shipping on the following:

* Bar Stools
* Storage
* Rugs
* Entertainment Units & More
* Children's Decor & Furniture

Promotions in this newsletter start at 12:01am 16/05/09 and end 11:59pm 19/05/09 AEST unless specified differently in the listing.

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  • lilpretzel
    They have some new cute kids furniture in stock. $39.95 + Free Shipping $19.95 + Free Shipping - Wall Mountable.
  • NoosieB
    Thanks for the heads up lilpretzel - it's great to see they're doing free shipping on the heavier items. That's not the norm, surely. But great for us. :)
  • taskel
    I agree Noosie, great find. :)
  • Michelle2154
    The two items i want both say coming soon, will they still give me the shipping when they come in? Or do i just hope the come in before the expiry date? Michelle2154
  • taskel
    I think (I'm not sure) that you will have to hope that they're back in stock before the expiry.
  • lilpretzel
    Only if it states Free Shipping when the product comes back instock or if they have a Free Shipping promo code. Gottta be quick these days. ;)

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