Deals Direct - Save On Shipping When You Purchase Multiple Items

5 August 2009

The more eligible items you buy, the more you save on shipping costs at Deals Direct at the minute - until 31st August.

Items eligible for reduced shipping are marked with an icon saying 'Combine Shipping & Save.'

This icon can be found on both the product category pages and below the item price on eligible product listings.

Simply add 2 or more eligible items to your shopping cart to benefit from discounted shipping.

I put 2 x 6 Banrock Sparkling Shiraz Rose which had the 'Combine Shipping & Save' icon, into my basket for a trial, and the second wines shipping costs were halved. Costing $14.95 for 12 bottles instead of $19.98
I then put another case in and the shipping costs of that case were halved again.

*NOTE: If you qualify for Discounted Shipping but your order also contains one or more ineligible items, you'll be charged full shipping fees for those ineligible items.

Follow the link to see more information.

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