Deals Direct: FREE Shipping on all Sheets, sheets from just $4.95 +10% off coupon +5.4% cashback!!

21 December 2007

Deals Direct have Free Shipping on their range of sheets, for this weekend only.
With single sheets from just $4.95!!

PLUS, you've got the choice between one of two coupon codes below:
1. 10% discount on your order, use coupon code: 'HOHOHO2007'
2. A Bonus Bottle Of Korloff Paris Perfume delivered early next year.
Use coupon code: 'pp23424'

PLUS there's 5.4% CASHBACK on offer, right here at Buckscoop,
and you can also earn Westpac Altitude rewards on your purchase.

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  • Keeys
    HOT from me..... great for spare sheets for kids sleep overs :)
  • nod
    Hot from me too :) Great combo with the free shipping and the 10% off code Thanks Brad :)
  • fairybelle
    The 10% off wont work for me?
  • voteoften
    Fairybelle, I think I would almost always go for the free shipping anyway. I ordered something for $60 tonight. Shipping would have been $14.95. Got shiping free with the other code, plus the "hope" of getting the third lot of perfume.
  • Brad
    I'll take a look for you Fairybelle.
  • Brad
    Certainly still working: ] (click to enlarge)
  • fairybelle
    hmmmm....maybe cos i was using a gift certificate?
  • Brad
    It should still work - I have used both together before. Does it come up with any error? What does it say?
  • fairybelle
    yeah it came up with a expiry error
  • Brad
    Very strange - it will say that if you are only buying (not using) gift vouchers.
  • nod
    maybe they have recently changed their policy?? :eek: Have to say that it would not surprise me if they will not allow the use of vouchers and discount codes in the one purchase
  • Brad
    It's strange that it doesn't say that rather than simply saying 'expired'?
  • joelwilliam
    i'm currently getting this error: Error occurred while trying to connect to PayPal It looks like there is some traffic jam in the networks at the moment Dont worry all is not lost you can still select another payment method or you can try later on with PayPal :)
  • Brad
    I guess they are having heaps of traffic from both DD and OO's free shipping offers!

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