Deals Direct: Electric tie (and belt) rack - $14.95 delivered until 13/10/08 4pm

9 October 2008

I reckon that this thing is lovely for $14.95 delivered. It comes with a light and motor, and can hold up to 64 ties. It's not something I've been particularly looking for, but it certainly beats tying ties to a coat hanger. I'm posting this purely because I think it's great and am going to get one.

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  • admin EDITOR
    Dunno about you leny but I'm chuckling away...:D
  • golfwidow
    Electronic tie racks always remind me of this Simpsons :)
  • leny
    I've got too many ties not to buy this. :D
  • leny
    :D I hope that makes sense. A 64 tie capacity sounds great. :D It didn't have to be electronic, but I'm happy that it holds so many. My ties right now are restricted to 5 ties per coat hanger tied in a loose knot. This will put an end to it. :thumbsup:
  • naffi
    ok, you have sold me, will get one for hubby! thanks for the heads up!

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