DEALS DIRECT - "Cord-O-Clip Automated Clothes Line System" (weird!) NOW $99.00

22 March 2008

The "maybe free post" reference is to the attached voucher, whereby you can get free postage on every second item purchased. Now, for the weird and wacky product (I want to see a You Tube clip of this!).

It's a clothes line. With pegs. And it is "automated" in so far as you hold your clothes under the pegs, slide the line out, and continue to clip your clothes with the pegs that just keep on coming...

OK, a couple of things not clarified in the ad [that are clarified in the VIDEO in the next post!]:
- do you bolt one/two ends to walls? [nope, you hang each end on a cup hook which is supplied; it needs to be screwed into something obviously].
- what holds up the other end? [a wheel/pulley and cup hook]
- how many pegs are there (there's a finite amount of line space obviously) [100 pegs - on the 75' line]

[there are two lengths available from Deals Direct - 7.6m and 15.2m]

This is weird, quirky, and amused me this morning. I don't know that it's a good value deal, but if you could get answers to the puzzling questions, it might be a terrific solution to line space issues in units and apartments, or provide internal line space for periods of inclement weather (guess who ate a thesaurus for breakfast?).

So, from the site:
"The Modern Automated Clothesline that cuts your hanging time by half!

The Cord-O-Clip is a revolutionary new product that makes drying laundry the natural way simple for everyone. No more tedious searches for the right pegs, no more time wasted hanging up the laundry.. just a simple solution that can be used by kids, older people.. everyone! All you need to do is hang the clothes over the line, push the line along with one hand, and your garment is clipped up securely to dry and the line is ready for your next article of laundry. Ultra strong clips ensure that all types of laundry are held securely and can withstand strong winds. If you want to cut down your power bill but find your regular clothesline time consuming and inconvenient, the Cord-O-Clip is your answer, providing you with fast ease of use and complete convenience that up until now has only been available from expensive, environmentally un-friendly clothes dryers.

How it works
Simply place the clothes between the first two pulleys and slightly push the line. After a partial rotation in the forward pullet the open clothespegs will close and grasp the clothes firmly as they advance forward. Now you're ready to hang the next article -- it's that easy!

Easy to use
One handed operation is so easy that even a child can use it!

Faster than traditional clothes lines
Up to 60% faster hanging.
Up to 90% faster removal.

Clothes pegs that are always ready to use
The Era Permaclip clothes pegs stay on the clothesline and automatically clip the clothing on their own! No more reaching for, dropping, searching for or squeezing clothes pin again.. simply place the clothes over the line, push the line along the pulley and your clothes are clipped onto the line to dry!

For all types of laundry
Handles all shapes and sizes of washing with ease.

The eco-friendly drying solution
The Era Cord-O-Clip is made of 100% recyclable materials and makes drying your clothes in the sunshine mother nature has provided easier than ever. Do away with your expensive, environmentally damaging clothes dryer without forfeiting any convenience! Save energy, save time and save money!

Just place and push
Clothes move forward on the clothes line so you're ready to clip the next garment.

Durable materials
Main components are made of super tough engineering resins for long lasting performance.

Weather resistant
Designed and manufactured to resist Mother Nature's extremes for many years of reliable service. Wind resistance tested to withstand strong winds.

Easy to install
Complete step by step installation instructions included.


* Cord-O-Clip Automated Clothes Line System.
* No more reaching for, dropping, searching for or squeezing annoying loose pegs!
* Save time, energy and money while helping the environment.
* Easy to install - everything you need is included along with step by step instructions.
* Simply place it, push it and it's clipped up to dry!
* Laundry is super easy to remove-- just rotate the pulley in the opposite direction and your laundry unclips right into your basket in seconds!
* Size: 7.6m long.
* Mount the Cord-O-Clip anywhere with included hook mounting system.

Manufacturer's Recommended Retail Price*: $299.00.
DealsDirect Price: Only $199.00 + $9.95 Shipping (Australia-wide flat rate)."

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  • ScarletRubies
    OK, I watched the video and now I want one. Pathetic! It was the music that got me, I think. :o
  • lisss
    oMG what will they come up with next LOL!! I think I'll stick to my trusty old normal washing line - I don't want another gadget that is expensive to maintain when it breaks down (and trust me, if its in my house, it WILL break down!)
  • larabelle
    OK, I watched the video and now I want one. Pathetic! It was the music that got me, I think. :o
    I didn't even have the sound on when I watched it but I want one too! :w00t: Hubby thinks I'm nuts.
  • lilpretzel
    :w00t: :w00t: That's unreal, now to make one to fold and put the clothes away! :)
  • carmine
    Hmmm I think I'll pass at that price!
  • nod
    :D Not too keen on the price but I do think that I would love to see a video of one at high speed :D
  • lilpretzel
    Now $149.00 +
  • wheadle
    drop 100 bucks off and it might be worth it
  • McMutt
    I'd rather have a heart than a pacemaker. I would buy it if they through a woman in with it to do my washing.
  • melissanj
    I'd rather have a heart than a pacemaker. I would buy it if they through a woman in with it to do my washing.
    i'd buy it if it had a capable man with it to do my washing:whistling:
  • lilpretzel
    Now $149.00 +
    Now $99 + :whistling:
  • leny
    It will probably be 99c in a few years (months?).
  • queenshrew
    It will probably be 99c in a few years (months?).
    LOL! At this rate it should half again in another 7 months (if price decreases proportionately).. So be ready, Wheadle. As for you Leny, you'll have to wait til 2012.. hope you have some spare change ready then to 'splurge' on this 'amazing' device :p
  • lilpretzel
    OMG!! Ruby it finally Sold Out! ;)
  • admin EDITOR
    :) - cant understand why myself......

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