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27 September 2007

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The Classic Pen Set is an outstanding gift for yourself or any loved one! Six beautifully designed writing instruments, ideal for all occasions in one gift box. One for every occasion, you can use the fountain pen for signing papers and the ball point pen for others.

Together with this fantastic pen set is a complete 66 piece refill kit!
Great quality and the perfect complete set, you can't pass up on this amazingly priced bargain!


Fountain Pen - for beautiful handwriting
Ball Pen - Ideal for detailed drawing
Roller Pen - Heavy-Duty writing pen
Dual Colour Pen - Two colours of ink in one pen
Micro pen - perfect for organisers and diaries
propelling pencil - For making notes and sketches
Includes 66 Piece Refill Set!


Each pen has been beautifully crafted with a tough and durable iridium nib finish, so the pen set not only looks great but is built to last.
The Classic Pen Set comes in a gift box so it looks great whilst also keeping the pens and ink refills together.
Included in the set is a fantastic fountain pen, a roller pen and a ball pen, a multi-colour pen and a micro pen, which is great for keeping in your diary.
Each set is completed with a mechanical propelling pencil, great As if this isnt enough, you also receive an incredible 66 piece refill set which is a generous supply of cartridges and refills for each of the 6 pens a wonderful gift idea.

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