Deal Hunt Number two winner......

15 June 2007

Firstly Billy would like to thank everyone for trying to help him find the right camera for his Sausage sizzle fundraiser.

Billy has not been having a very good time of late. What with Uncle Frank and now the unfortunate near choking of Mr Jenkins (read Holdenmg's deal submission for full details)

But he finally worked out which camera he would buy the Football committee...

The Kodak Easyshare C633 found by Horseforthree for $147.95
Some nice reviews around. It is a basic little digital camera for a low price. Perfect for the fundraiser

Runner up prizes are going to Bradlezstyles for the Canon A630 as that is a very good price on that camera
And also to Sab988 for the Kodak C783, another neat bargain digital camera

And of course.... I had to give Holdenmg a 'creative writing' reward for making Admin and I laugh...

Thanks again to all those that submitted entries. Some really cool camera bargains found. I am off to go shopping myself

Deal Hunt Number three takes off this Monday

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  • sab988
    lol i won somethn :w00t:
  • sandgroper
    :D Well done Horseforthree! and of course the runners up and everyone else who helped Billy out. :)
  • Brad
    Anything over 6mp for under $150 is great. Well done horseforthree. Are you going to buy the C633 Nod?
  • nod
    I was thinking about the A630 :) But I am procrastinating at the moment as I do already have a digital camera but it is a bit big, so I wanted a smaller one. But the A630 is not that small ... soooo..... need to go out (OMG) and actually look at them in the shops again I think
  • Emma EDITOR
    Well done Horseforthree and congrats to the runners up!!!
  • admin EDITOR
    lol i won somethn :w00t:
    :D - thats about how I'd react if I ever won something....... but [SIZE=1] ... .... .... .... nobody loves me -- I never win anything.....[/SIZE]:(
  • wheadle
    Well done guys
    nobody loves me -- I never win anything.....
    LOL poor admin

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