4 June 2007

Ok... are you ready?

Here is 'Deal Number One':

Little 8-year-old Billy has decided to buy his uncle Frank a present. So he raids his piggy bank. The sum total of Billy's piggy bank is $99.95.
Now there are a few things that Billy needs to take into consideration when he buys his gift:
1. Billy lives in Darwin and he needs to have the present delivered to Uncle Franks house in Hobart, postcode 7002. So his present and the delivery can cost no more than $99.95

2. Uncle Frank's favourite colour is red, so Billy wants to make sure that something on the present is red.

3. Uncle Frank has allergies to flowers and chocolate - so they are out as a present.

To summarise, you must:
Find Uncle Frank a present and, have it delivered to Hobart (postcode 7002), for a value as close to, but less than $99.95. The present must have the colour red on it somewhere and it cannot cause Uncle Frank to have an allergic attack
(therefore, no chocolates or flowers/plants).
Please post up your deal in the 'Hot Deals' section of the Buckscoop forum
You will need to include a piccie with your deal post so that we can see the red colouring

You have 4 days!

The winner will receive $20 cash into their Pay Pal account. Spot prizes will be awarded for amusing and innovative deal submissions.

AND..when you post a deal that helps Billy find the ultimate present for his Uncle, you will be entered into the prize draw to win $50 cash!!

If you have any questions please post them in the 'Deal Hunt' thread in Comments and Site tips.

All 'Deal Hunt' frivolous banter can be posted below!

Good luck
And dont be shy.

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  • wheadle
    Elmer is certainly doing the rounds :D
  • nod
    What can I say :) I like Elmer and since this is 'hunt', I thought he was perfect for the job :D
  • wheadle
    Looks determined alrighty. Think I could get him for $99.95 and have him delivered? Hes got red on his hat ;)
  • schlemster
    not as easy as I thought it would be. red elmer fudd on ebay starting bid 19bucks
  • nod
    No ebay - sorry
  • wheadle
    if you squint that kinda looks like elmer
  • nod
    if you squint that kinda looks like elmer
    LOL I have to agree there Wheadle... not much of a likeness for Elmer as far as I can tell :confused:
  • nod
    Sorry if I did not make this clear :o (I have edited Deal Number One) Post all your deals for the June Deal Hunt Competition in the 'Hot Deals' section of the Buckscoop forum and please don't forget to write 'Uncle Frank' in the title If you think I have forgotten any other info or you have a question then please post here :)
  • Emma EDITOR
    Some brilliant ideas coming up!! Think I'm going to give it a try.
  • nod
    I agree... some really cool ideas... might have to revise my deal hunt number two to keep up the standards :D
  • admin EDITOR
    I'm seriously impressed - its great to see the participation.
  • mouldgirl
    I think I might have to have a go
  • nod
    Just a reminder that you can post up to 5 deals each in the Deal Hunt. Billy has a great choice of gifts so far.. but you know what 8 year olds are like... they always want MORE... not sure what my excuse is
  • Emma EDITOR
    Brad hasn't had a go yet!
  • nod
    Not that you are dobbing him in there Jayne :D
  • nod
    Well.... Deal Hunt number one is over.... Thanks for the fantastic submissions. Admin and I are going to have a good read and we will be announcing the winner tomorrow morning at around 10am Deal Hunt Number 2 starts this coming Monday... so keep tuned
  • Emma EDITOR
    Some of those were brill!! Can't wait to hear who were the winners!! Technically, someone could win $70, couldn't they! Say they win the prize for the best deal, chosen by you, and they may also win the draw for $50? Am I right?
  • nod
    Well in fact one person could win $130 by the end of the month! The $50 prize is drawn at the end of June and the $20 prizes are drawn every Saturday I will be giving spot prizes to the 'special' entries ;)

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