Deal Extreme - 2 In 1 Cucumber Slicer & Beauty Mirror - $2.71

10 October 2009

I've been looking about on DE, and at first I thought what the hell would you need a mirror for on a cucumber slicer... but then I thought it's probably for slicing cucumber and putting it on your eyelids when you sleep?

I could be could be for quick updates when you're having a dinner party or something...

Anyway, it's still a pretty good price for a slicer, equating to about $2.99AUD & Free Shipping as usual from Deal Extreme.

It is a bit of a random deal, I thought it was funny may be a good present for someone you don't really like!

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  • blondieo
  • kazyazy
    Haha good find blondieo. Gotta love DX!! :D
  • lisss
    Haha this should go under the weird products thread :D
  • admin EDITOR
    Be easy to get confused between the bits of cucumber on the mirror and facial blemishes I suspect.
  • melscott28
    My partner says it so i can admire how beautiful i am while making cucumber sandwiches

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