David Jones - FREE $100 Gift Cards with the DJ American Express Card (no annual fee for the 1st year

5 January 2010

David Jones - FREE $100 Gift Card with the DJ American Express Card (no annual fee for the 1st year)

Apply insotre until 17 January and they will waive the $99 annual fee for the first year plus you will receive 13500 bonus points when you make a purchase outside DJ within the first 7 days of receiving the card. You can redeem the bouns points for a $100 gift card.

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  • admin EDITOR
    rhys - is there any min duration on the card account and min amount on the purchase that gets you the points? If no then assuming you cancel the card before the 12 months are up its a freebie $100.
  • rhys
    no, there isn't any minimum duration for the account or any minimum amount. and yes, it's a $100 freebie as long as you use the card outside DJ within 7 days of receiving it. easier $100 you can ever make...
  • admin EDITOR
    not a bad deal - hot from me. :)
  • labgirl
    Just be aware that DJS has a crap accounts department so closing the account may not be easy; I have had issues with an account I closed in the middle of last year that they keep sending me bills for (with an additional $30 per month late fee each month). I ring them and they tell me I should ignore the letter and indeed the account is closed and I dont owe them anything , BUT every couple of months I receive a letter. Yesterdays letter stated I owe over $200!!!!!:mad:
  • admin EDITOR
    Was that a store account labgirl or credit card account through someone like Amex ?
  • labgirl
    good point - it was a store account. I have an Amex and they have excellent customer service.
  • Rebekah76
    i got this same deal before christmas, but it was for enough points for a $200 card. and don't forget that DJ will pricematch!

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