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7 April 2008

www.factoryfast.com.au are giving away one new prize every day.

The way the competition works is profoundly simple :

1) Create an account at factoryfast.com.au (very easy and quick)
2) Bid your LOWEST UNIQUE AMOUNT on the daily prize (bidding is free)
3) The person with the LOWEST UNIQUE AMOUNT for the day WINS the prize.
4) You do WIN the prize -- you don't have to pay any product charges, shipping charges etc. You don't pay the amount you bid, you simply win by bidding a unique number. So there are actually no hidden costs at all!

What makes the competition great is that you're bound to win sometime-- although you can only bid once a day, there is a new prize every day and it costs you nothing to bid. It's also easy and quick to bid, so you can do it while having your morning coffee!

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