Current highest savings account interest rate: BankWest Telenet 8.5% until 01/01/09

2 August 2008

I'm going to use this post to inform you of the current highest savings account rate, be it an online or offline savings account.

The highest rate will almost always be the highest for an online only savings account.

Please tell me if you spot a better rate so this thread can be adjusted accordingly.

(The account must have ready-access and there must be no penalties - for this reason, the HSBC Serious Saver and BankWest Regular Saver accounts are to be excluded.)


The current highest rate is with: BankWest Telenet Saver
Rate: 8.50%
Ends: 01/01/09
Payable on: Up to $5m. "Paid only on the excess above 30 April 2008 account balances."

No minimum.

Please do NOT add a start or end date for this deal - ever!

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  • leny
  • nod
    Please do NOT add a start or end date for this deal - ever!
    yes sir!!! :prop: Thanks for the heads up Leny :)
  • leny
    :D I was waiting for a response like that. :p I got the 'idea' when I saw an air conditioning unit which had a sign that said: Do NOT adjust Air Conditioning Settings EVER!!!
  • lilpretzel
    ]Leny deals do you offer cashback? :whistling:
  • leny
    ] Suncorp E-Options: You do not need to be a Suncorp everyday customer to open this free account, but you must be able to go into a Suncorp Branch to complete an ID check (QLD Only.) Suncorp E-Options offers you all the qualities of an online savings account, at 7.10%, but it also allows you to use BPay and Pay Anyone transfers straight from the account, without the need to transfer money back to your everyday account first. Also, flexi rates, which are like term deposits, can be set up for up to 7.80% p.a.
  • admin EDITOR
    Leny - are all the good rates bound to introductory offers with small initial deposits ?
  • Wally
    Does Buckscoop have any cashback arreangements with Bankwest at the moment I saw MBC were offering $45 for opening an eSaver account which provide 5% Any chance of a similar Bucky cashback?
  • lilpretzel
    I think admin has been looking into it again Wally, hopefully will have an answer later on. :)
  • BuckscoopBetty
    Just wanted to let you all know that we have applied for Bankwest Smart eSaver. Will let you know when/if we are successful. :)
  • nod
    All sorted - we now have Bankwest :)

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