Crazy Sale of the Day - 90% Duck Down Queen Size Quilt + 2 Duck Down Pillows

29 March 2009

Not a bad price for this 24 hour sale: 90% duck down queen size doona, plus 2 duck down pillows available till Monday, 30/3/09 12pm AEST.
Factoring in your postage, you still get a good price.

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  • Wally
    The product page say 90% down not 95% = have they just changed the description Also the usual complaint is that the pockets are not thick enough to provide real warmth in the middle of winter - hard to tell from the pictures
  • NoosieB
    Ooops - you're right, it is 90% down. The price on the deal is now showing up now as $119. Not sure if that has since change on the website or a typo on my part. Deal will end today, so guess the price is $119. :(

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