Crayola Stationery Set for only $1.90 delivered ! @ dstore (great kids stocking filler)

11 November 2007

Great one for the kids christmas !

Brighten up your day using these colourful and cute Staionery Bitz!

Includes: 2 Mini Sticky Tapes, 2 Heart Spring Clips, 3 Mini Shaped Erasers, Mini Stapler and 2 Mini Gel Pens. Colours will vary.

Combine with voucher for total cost of $1.90

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  • elegantegotist
    I can't vote for myself can i ?
  • lilpretzel
    No sorry :)
  • nod
    No you can't vote for yourself We can see who votes on what deals and anyone found voting on their own deal will be given a penalty :D

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