COTD - Westinghouse Vacuuming Dust $19.80

8 May 2008

Westinghouse Vacuuming Dustbin!RRP$149! Bagless! COTD Exclusive Under $20

Westinghouse Vacuuming Dustbin!

RRP$149! Bagless! COTD Exclusive Under $20!

Sweep in Half the Time, No More Bending Over!

The Original SweepEze System!

No joke, we are selling this beauty for under $20. Normally going for up to $149 - and for good reason. A powerful bagless vacuum, built into a large capacity dustbin, with two filtration stages and an automatic motion sensor- absolute genius. An original SweepEze for under $20? Thats an absolute steal of a catch.

The Westinghouse SweepEZE Vacuuming Dustbin eliminates the dirty hassle of floor sweeping. The dustbins technology includes a continuous infrared beam (Eye-Vac) located at the base of the unit. When this beam is broken, it automatically activates the powerful built in bagless vacuum. Within its electronic vision or by manual activation, the vacuuming dustbin will pick up almost any form of debris including dirt, dust, dog and cat hair, kitty litter, broken glass, sugar, and more. Sweepings are then stored in a reusable, 2-liter dustbin for easy hands-free removal of debris. Surprisingly quiet in operation with a canister fill-level indicator, a pleated pre-motor micron filter, and a status indicator - this truly is the dustbin of the future!

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  • fairybelle
    Ok, the postage is $14.95 (a little steep IMO)
  • baz123
    Also no offence, but how lazy can you get? I particularly liked the video where they implied that because the dustpan and brush have been around for years, that somehow it's old hat and we need something to replace it. Very strange!
  • nod
    think it would be good for the the elderly or people that can't bend down maybe?
  • holdenmg
    South Australia Shipping (): $17.43 :+(
  • lisss
    Hmm had a look at this, but I concluded its a waste of money because (1) I can always find my dustpan & brush, its on a hook inside my cupboard... and it takes 2 secs to use (2) bringing something like this into the house would take up space and has the possibility of malfunctioning/ not working A very good idea for people who cant physically bend down but the fact that its marketed to the general public is hilarious!
  • Keeys
    I thought about getting one for nearthe fire place would be great for the daily sweep of ash from in front of the fire. I then remembered I have a 17mths old who I'm sure would love to feed things into it ;) So gave it a miss :)

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