COTD SOS - The Not So Mystery Box 4 Items for $10 + $6.95 Shipping

7 April 2010

The Not So Mystery Box!

4 Items for $10! Incredible Value!

10 Fantastic items to be cleared - check out the items below.

Limit of just ONE per member

Our warehouse is literally bursting to the max! Ok, not literally but its packed and we need to clear it fast, so were giving away 4 items valued at minimum $10 each, and some at $20 or more. Heres your chance to pick up 4 great items for only $10 youd be mad to miss out!

Everyone loves a good mystery, and today were putting a spin on our usually secret mystery box. This time were gonna let you know what could be in there, and you can see the selection of things that are going in.

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