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30 January 2008

10 Items for $19.95!

Every Bite in the First Hour Receives a FREE Jay Jays mens t-shirt valued at $24.95! (now extended till 2pm EDST )

POOKI! POOKI! POOKI! Can you hear the call! The most popular catch of all time! 2 pookis ago, we had to dedicate an entire warehouse simply for packing the pooki. The catch family has grown much larger since then, imagine the pandemonium todays Pooki is going to cause!

Yes, as sure as the sun rising in the east, todays event will be bigger and better. There are tonnes of cool value packed products all lined up in our newly expanded warehouse - all begging to jump randomly into Pooki bags.

Are you new to CatchOfTheDay and the Bag of Pooki concept? Heres how this all works:

Pooki is our adopted word for C**P.
You order a bag and we give you a bag, or a box. Oh the suspense!
We collect any 10 Pooki from the warehouse, and put them in the bag or box.
We dont know what Pooki are going in the bag or box. We always deliver ridiculous value for money. It might contain past products from CatchOfTheDay, goodies from daily deals or new things we havent sold yet.
The result? You might jump with indescribable joy, break out into song and dance or just get a warm fuzzy feeling and shout out I LOVE CATCH OF THE DAY or not.

The best part, its just $19.95. 10 goodies! If you had to choose between a bag of Pooki and a burger, fries and milkshake what would you choose? I guess that depends on how hungry you are! Either way, you dont have long to choose these babies go fast!

DON'T FORGET if you pay with paypal to use the coupon code ILOVEPAYPAL for the COTD Jewellry freebie as posted here

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  • jinx
    This was originally sold out within around half an hour, it has been re-opened due to high demand ** FREE TSHIRT OFFER EXTENDED TO 5PM! :) The demand for pooki is so high our providers network is barely keeping up! We've extended the free tshirt offer for those who could not place an order due to the server congestion! **
  • trevorf
    Not a fan of Pookie or any other type of bags that COTD sell. Always and litterally pookie.
  • totalfrog
    I got one (I am a sucker for rubbish). The last one I got was pretty good and I didn't pay for it - a friend bought it for me, so I thought I would try for myself. I would just like to add this little note to COTD. [CENTER] [SIZE="5"]Please don't fill my pooki box with any of the jay jays jewellery. I already put the ILOVEPAYPAL code in and I don't need anymore.[/SIZE][/CENTER] :p kthxbai
  • nod
    Hey Totalfrog can you tell us what you got ?? Has it arrived yet?

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