COTD HOST AT DAILY DEALS - THURSDAY - Christmas CatchAThon Starting at 11 AM

5 December 2007

CatchAThon 12 - XMAS EDITION


Starting at 11 AM Thursday December 6th - CatchAThon 12.

Its the 12th edition, the last for the year, a very special Christmas CatchAThon.

Every gift you pick up this CatchAThon will be arriving safe and sound - on time for Christmas.

The party will be starting at 11AM, a little earlier than usual so that our members can get in and fill their carts before the massive midday rush!

We've got hundreds of awesome past catches as featured on and plenty of special XMAS Edition Exclusives, don't miss out!


Pay With PayPal You Will Receive A Christmas Stocking Packed With $100 Worth Of Gifts - FREE!!

*Voucher - ILOVEPAYPAL - must be applied at checkout.

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  • MamaK
    hhmmm sounds interesting :) Thanks for the heads up lilpretzel
  • lilpretzel
    Your welcome Mamak, make sure you clear your diary for tomorrow. [SIZE=1] I don't take responsibility for any pokkie deals.[/SIZE] :)
  • Wally
    Folks, when it comes to gifts, there’s nothing like a CatchAThon. We wanted to make sure our members would be able to order their goodies on time to arrive for Christmas, so we’ve brought the CatchAThon forward this month. It’s going to be an extra special CatchAThon as well, with tons of SUPER xmas specials. For the benefit of new members: The CatchAThon is a massive bargain party where we feature 100’s of past catches all up at the same time on our sister site Head over and register now, and get ready for a massive CatchAThon!
    Anybody know and can explain how being registered at DD is necessary to taking part in the process?
  • MamaK
    its being hosted on DD by the looks I'm not sure if they will include the free stocking if you buy something from catchathon on DD instead of catch of the day as it does state buy from
  • lilpretzel
    Starting at 11 AM December 6th, Hosted on our sister site Daily Deals - CatchAThon 12. Pick up 5 or more items this CatchAThon and receive a World Map Desktop Calendar, with international time keeping, calendar, alarm and temperature worth $39.95!
  • lilpretzel
    How crappy, no cashback and I reckon no free stocking.
  • Klieu
    You can't redeem the code ILOVEPAYPAL for free gift. I have tried but it says"invalid code"
  • nod
    Ah So they use the sister site to reduce the benefits to you guys No stocking and no cashback :D Sneaky but smart I guess. I mean COTD are pretty sharp when it comes to things like this :D

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