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10 June 2008

The ten dollar day just got bigger - and better.

Over 90 bargain bites available in total!

Featuring all new super bargains from $1.95 all the way up to $9.95 - everything under $10!

With a $10 cap on shipping no matter how large your order!

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  • lilpretzel
    These are the only items that interest me, anybody got the V slicer? Sesame Street Nap Mat & Back Pack $9.95 . OR . German Steel Gourmet Slicer $9.95
  • Keeys
    I bought the flanelette doona cover a few weeks ago and am really happy with it. Its so snuggly and warm. I'm actually thinking about getting the kids one each for there bed bit put off because of the print though so will wait till they get home to ask them if they won't use no point buying.
  • lilpretzel
    Yeah a bit girly for the boys keeys. :D
  • lisss
    Lilpretzel, I had something similar to the V-Slicer and found that it was soooo hard to clean that it negated any efficiency in using it!!!:confused:

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