COTD: Catchathon Season 6

14 June 2007

I thought I'd mention that COTD is hosting their 6th catchathon, so if there have been any items you've missed out on it might be worth having a look. Don't get caught up in the hype - I haven't been overly impressed with some of my COTD buys in the past.

The one product that catches my eye in this sale is the DermaNew Microdermabrasion kit for $19.95 + $7 shipping - this is an excellent price. When this product first hit the market, it was selling for $120! Now it's down to about $60 elsewhere.

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  • nod
    Hey Lisss thanks for the tip. I totally agree with you re not being overly impressed by the 'Catch-a-thons' Most of the items are not worth chasing down. The Dermanew Microabrasion kit is though :) Thanks
  • admin EDITOR
    Ta Lisss - your comments are great. Its often hard to be able to objectively sit back and peek under the advertising crap for whats actually value and whats not. Helps immensely when people share their whats good whats not opinions.

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