COTD - 2 x Ten Shelf Hanging Organisers $4.95 + Pay With Paypal Get Power Duster RRP $49.95 FREE

9 June 2008

One model for you, One for the Kids!

2 x Ten Shelf Hanging Organisers RRP$39.95 for $4.95 - Shipping = $7.95

* You will recieve a 50% discount on the shipping charge for every additional item in your shopping cart/order.
You will only pay full price shipping for the item with the highest shipping charge.

* Two Ten Shelf Hanging Organisers - One adult/regular organiser, One colourful kids organizer.
* Keep wardrobes looking tidy, without investing in expensive shelving!
* Each storage slot is spacious and may be used to hold anything from a pair of shoes to books, clothing, toys and more.
* No assembly required, install them in just seconds.
* Normally retailing for up to $39.95, available on catch for just one day at $4.95!

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  • lilpretzel
    OMG This is so spooky!! Miss 15 has been cleaning up Miss 7 room and said "We need those self hanging thingos in her cupboard" I just checked my email and WHAM BAM!!! What does COTD have? :cool: Don't forget! Buy from using PayPal and receive an Electric Power Duster valued at $49.95 FREE! Simply enter the coupon code: ILOVEPAYPAL during checkout to redeem your free gift! * Offer applies to orders shipped in Australia only. * Limited to one offer per customer. *Offer ends 30 Jun 08
  • lisss
    Good deal, esp with the free duster. If I needed some of these id bite
  • nod Good for the kids wardrobes :)
  • ScarletRubies
    You think? I'm not keen at all. I think they'll tear really easily (especially if you used them for books and so on - I reckon the weight limit would really be ten pairs of shoes), and I think the 'adult' size/version is way too small - in the pics they show ONE shoe per cubby! It doesn't seem to me that these would really help tidy up any cupboard that is over-filled with shirts and stuff as the pics show! As for the "Go Duster", I am still keen to try one. They're at my local $2/Crazy Clark's type shop for $4.95. That said, I still haven't bought one! :)
  • queenshrew
    I owned one of these, and I can say it took up more space than worth its while. I hated how the fabric is so filmsy and it kept getting out of shape due to my wardrobe being SO full! The weight of my shoes didn't help either. In the end..after trying to straighten it the umpteenth time I chucked it out. I don't know if these would be the same fabric as the one I got (I bought mine from Avon) but after my bad exp these are just not for me :(
  • lilpretzel We have plentry of hanging space so that won't be a problem, it will mainly be used for light stuff so we will see how they go. After what leny wrote in another thread I had to see for myself how crappy these dusters really are. :D

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