CoTD - 100s of items with $10 Shipping cap

5 January 2012

Catch of The Day is having a sale on a lot of their past catches today..

The best part is the $10 shipping cap.

It has been awhile since I purchased from them and I have seen a bit of bad press of late. However in the past, I have purchased very constantly and have been satisfied.

The most expensive purchases were 2 laptops (totaling over $3000 including all the extra warranties I purchased). One laptop is almost 2 years old with a 3 year warranty and the other laptop is a 3D version and is over a year old with a 2 year warranty. I had a bit of the problem with the 3D laptop as it didn't arrive with all the accessories that were advertised. However, one email later it was immediately rectified. All the extra items arrived at my place in a separate package promptly. So I can't really complain about that!

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