CoTD - $10 Day is back in June! (with $10 shipping cap)

13 June 2012

June CoTD $10 Day is here! Over 500 items for less than $10 and shipping again is capped at $10

PLEASE NOTE: Some bulky and larger items may not be included in Shipping Cap. Please check the eligibility for each item.

Scrolling down, I manage to find some good deals I wouldn't mind for myself..

* Logitech Harmony 200 Universal Remote - $9.95 (RRP $24.95)
* Fererro Rond Noir 12 pack - $3.91 (RRP$9.75)
* Logitech Ultimate Ears 200 Noise-Isolating Earphone - $9.95 (RRP $39.95)
* Terry's Chocolate Orange Segsations 330gm - $2.99 (RRP$13.90)

LOTS LOTS more on sale and all $10 or less. Check them out. and with $10 shipping cap, you can just keep piling stuff such as toys, fashions, kitchenwares etc into the basket and pay only $10 shipping cap

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