Collective back pats again.... October month... Deals direct up again to 6.3% - to 5.85%

7 October 2007

And yes, we are back to the back pats again..... already.....

So far this month we've had Travel Insurance Direct go up to 8.55%, Deals Direct go up to 6.3%, Home Couture go to 5.4% and go up to 5.85%

Nice work you lot.

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  • Emma EDITOR
    For the newbies wondering what donkey is going on about... the more you guys spend at these merchants, the higher the buckscoop percentage becomes. So if you bought at Deals Direct on the 2nd of October when it said 4.5%, you'll still get the higher rate for this month :) as the cashback goes magically back in time :w00t:
  • nod
    And hopefully by the end of the month the rate will be higher still :w00t: We do seem to be hitting the tiers a lot earlier in the month
  • admin EDITOR
    that womans got a fantastic back - nice definition :D
  • fairybelle
    Thats great news.... I really like Home Couture at the moment.. have to have a look at there site again soon
  • admin EDITOR
    your like me fairybelle. I often just happen to idle by it and get sucked into looking at 'what I want to have' - someones going to have to hold me back if they ever have a decent sale on that kitchen aid stuff they have in there.
  • admin EDITOR
    Yep - its edit time...... Deals Direct are up another notch again. Awesome stuff all you buckscoopers. And I reckon we've still got another notch to go before the end of the month.
  • nod
    And... Deals Direct goes UP AGAIN!!! [SIZE=4]5.85% FOR DEALS DIRECT[/SIZE]
  • lilpretzel
    [SIZE=5] Way To Go!!! [SIZE=3] Just need free shipping soon! [/SIZE][/SIZE]
  • nod
    :d We can Put an order in but not sure if we can make it happen :D
  • fairybelle
    how good would it be if we always got free shipping. that would be great!
  • admin EDITOR
    Time to resurrect this thread ..... Deals Direct are up yet again. Thats the fourth tier we've hit on them for the month - so that means those of you who get in during the next day or so with confirmed transactions will receive 6.3% back on your transactions..... Thanks to all.
  • lilpretzel Wahoooooo! Come on DD give us FREE SHIPPING!
  • admin EDITOR
    and theres another one.... have just gone to 5.85% but whats nice about them is that it applies retrospectively across all the months transactions. Bit of a bonus...
  • nod
    Would be great if DD got some ideas from
  • schlemster
    Nice one :)

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