Coles Online - FREE delivery 1st to 5th December

29 November 2009

Min spend is $50

Excludes Whitsunday Coast Regions.
Normal Delivery Conditions Apply

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  • Rebekah76
    This is a great bonus. If anyone wants to try Coles online, I recommend it. The fruit and veg we have received is better quality than you get instore and it lasts longer too. The normal price for delivery is $9 (which really isn't all that much anyway when you consider that someone is doing the equivalent of wandering the aisles for you!) My only suggestion is that if you log on to take advantage of this offer, click to "reserve your delivery time" before filling your cart. Sometimes you can get to the end and find out the free delivery windows are all taken (or your preferred time is sold out). ONce you've reserved a time, you have 2 hours to complete your shop. Just keep an eye on the prices - some products aren't as cheap online.. You need to be aware of the usual price of your items. They don't have the same variety online as they have instore so you can't always get the brand you want.. although they do have almost all of the catalogue specials (just not the "Buy 2 for $x deals) AND sometimes they have better online specials than instore.

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