Coles Delivering in Perth! FREE delivery 30th April til 16th May

22 April 2009

About time that this came to Perth. There may be a few exceptions with postcode so you will need to check once you click through.
As a welcome Coles are offering free delivery until the 16th of May

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  • golfwidow
    Thanks Nod. I know a few people this will come in handy for :)
  • winniblu
    ARE YOU SERIOUS????? YAY!!!!!!! I will have to check it out first though :P
  • winniblu
    They Do My Area!!!!!!!!
  • spodosaurus
    I'll definitely be looking into this - shopping centres on crutches are not fun, and even worse trying to hang groceries from crutch handles!
  • alimac
    YIPPEE and they do my area!:D
  • snoozin99
    thanks! they do my area too!
  • snoozin99
    how much does delivery usually cost?
  • golfwidow
    This is on their site snoozin :)
    Deliveries are available from $9 to $15. The fee varies depending upon your chosen time-slot. Once you've placed your order our team of Personal Shoppers handpick your items and one of our Customer Service Representatives will deliver your order direct to your door in temperature-controlled vans.

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