COLES: Clearance on Scrapbooking Supplies (Might be limited locations?)

30 January 2010

My local Coles seem to have a massive clearance.

Tweezers, pastel pens, scrapbooking nonstick scissors etc all over 60% off --most closer to 75% off..

Pastel gel pens (pack of 5) $2
Large Scrapbooks for $5
Hobby knife with 5 replacement blades $2
Pack of scrap paper/stickers 90c
Glue gun $5
Glue gun sticks 90c
Coloured Paddle Pop sticks pack of 200 $1

Lots more..these are just some stuff I rememebered off the top of my head..

Worth having a look in that area next time you go shopping..!

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