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27 November 2010

Gain 'Exclusive' access in to the previously inaccessible, and hard to find, storage Warehouses of Australian Manufacturers & wholesalers at our 'Member Only' sales events. Join today for FREE and save up to 85% off a wide variety of quality stock at our monthly sales events!

This is Australia's most exclusive shopping club. These warehouses are not to be confused with those factory outlets, these are genuine wholesaler warehouses that only open to our members!

This was on Today Tonight this week. The amount of sales may vary depending on which state you are in. Worth signing up and then you can get info on when the sales are on.

Then you "book" on the website (as some warehouses have limited numbers.

This is not an online retailer like OzSale, but rather a mailling list to be notified of a physical warehouse sale you can attend in person.

For example, in SA, on 4th and 5th Dec, there is a Kids Clothing sale (Kids Who), a cosmetics and a toy sale.

I went to a Kids Clothing sale last month at this place and the prices were fantastic. I spent $100 and got around $650 worth of clothes and schoolbags. Like any sale, some things were better value than others, but for example you could gets kids t-shirts (Target brand) for $2 or less, and a Carebears backpack for $2. They also had designer labels at 50% off their tag.

From the website - "Kids Clothing Warehouse (Beverley)

Majority of stock under $20! Save up to 90% off RRP! Babies wear, Boys wear, Girls Wear

Forget about shopping at the major department stores and upmarket children's wear boutiques. Here all the stock is up to 90% off retail prices. You won't find better quality brand name children's wear at these prices! Once you visit this warehouse you won't leave empty handed.

Kidswear priced at $2, $5, $6, $8 & $10"

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  • allen77
    Informative deals, thanks for share!
  • iFancyThat
    I went to the Jordana warehouse sale listed in SA, pretty good stuff. Most of the stuff were $2/$3 for things like eyeliner, lipgloss, bronzers, lip liner, lipsticks, eyeshadow plus more that RRP$8/9.
  • nimbin2k
    I don't really get how this site operates... I live in Perth, and a few days ago, the site said there were no deals on... it still says no deals on... yet, a few days ago I received an email saying a Perth sale was booked out! I sent an email asking how anyone could have possibly heard about the sale if it wasn't advertised beforehand or even listed on the site, and the only reply I got was that an email was sent out telling people that the Perth event was booked out - so in other words, no real answer - it seems as though the event was booked out before it was even advertised. Am I missing something?
  • Rebekah76
    All I know is that I signed up, then was sent an email about forthcoming sales. Then you have to book to attend. Perhaps you signed up after the email had been sent out? not sure.

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