Clearly Contact - ALL the glasses for $38 (delivery $9.95) + lenses + possible cashback. Bargain.

21 January 2011

Starting at 2pm Friday 21 January, ALL glasses will be $38 (no coupon required).

So for $38 you get the frames, lenses (with anti-reflective, scratch resistant and UV protective coatings), plus a cleaning cloth, custom case and fitting/tightening tool.

There is a shipping and handling fee - $9.95 shipping, plus up to 7.75% handling fee (which on $38 is only $2.95).

Deal is available until midnight Sunday 23 Jan

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  • admin EDITOR
    When I looked at this it made me wonder what they charged you for the lenses - being the cynic I am - but just checked and all the ones I looked at came with lenses - not a bad deal at all.
  • admin EDITOR
    Although I cant guarantee it you should still get cashback on this which would reduce the effective price you pay to $35.25 (excluding the handling fee and delivery charge). Good bargain and from what I hear the company is pretty good to deal with.
  • ninkasi
    Yep - I've used them and was definitely happy with both the process and the glasses. Only thing to keep in mind is the thickness of the standard lenses - unless you have a small script or are getting the lenses as backups then you will probably want to pay extra for the thinner lenses. My script is -4.5 so even upgrading to the 1.61 index "Thin Light Edidon Lens" resulted in lenses that were a little thick when used with a smaller rectangular frameless combo. I suspect that had I gone the standard lens, they would have been bottle jobs.
  • admin EDITOR
    :) - coke bottles are never a good look.....
  • ninkasi
    By the by, ]netoptical appear to have some decent prices for contacts plus are a ]registered provider so if you have private extras then you should be able to claim with them.... (I understand that ClearlyContacts are working on getting a provider number, but it might not happen for another six months - so for now, if you buy something from them you need to assume you probably won't be able to claim through private insurance - given that when I get a pair of glasses from an optometrist they may end up costing $500 or more, and the gap means I probably end up paying a couple of hundred dollars anyhow I still end up ahead - it'll just be a bonus when they do eventually get that number)
  • ntowill
    I bought some glasses from them before and I was able to claim it though my private health fund no problems.
  • stevehl
    22/1/11 I too spoke with Clearly Contacts and they are in the process of getting re-accredited with MBF. My past experience with them (of many years) is their phone and email support is great (although sometimes it can be a little busy). Ntowill - yes I too have claimed through my private health fund but last week they rejected a claim citing that it didnt show a street address or logo on the invoice. I am now in the process of rectifying this with Clearly Contacts.

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