Clear Shoe Boxes for $2 at Coles (I think it's nationwide)

11 April 2008

As per title above, Coles are having clear shoe boxes on special for $2 ( they still had heaps at my local store) so it's a good time to stock up and save on postage !!!

Some stores are even charging up to $10 each(outrageous since it is only plastic) so yeah, hope this deal will attract the ladies :)

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  • nod
    Hot vote from me :) Is the quality good diider? Some of the ones I have seen are that super brittle plastic that you know is going to break really easily and hence there is a good chance it will not last too long :(
  • diider
    I picked up a couple and I think they are pretty good. I mean it's no where "tough" but I compared it with my Kmart ones and I think they are on par with each other :)
  • nod
    Ah cool. Thanks What was the price in Kmart again?

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