Claim up to $200 off your power bill from Panasonic with purchase of selected Air Conditioners

2 April 2013

Running between 1st April and 31st of August you can get $200 rebate paid into your power supplier account, when you buy one of the listed panasonic air conditioners. There's 9000 claims available but at this point only 8 have been claimed so there is plenty of space there for more. You need to submit your claim with the usual supporting details and it must be received by at latest 20/09/2013. Make sure you read the terms and conditions beforehand ( to check eligibility.

The following rebates apply to the following models.

CS/CU-E9NKR $100
CS/CU-E12NKR $100
CS/CU-E15NKR $100
CS/CU-E9MKR $100
CS/CU-E12MKR $100
CS/CU-E15MKR $100
CS/CU-E18NKR $150
CS/CU-E21NKR $150
CS/CU-E18MKR $150
CS/CU-E21MKR $150
CS/CU-E24NKR $200
CS/CU-E28NKR $200
CS/CU-E24MKR $200
CS/CU-E28MKR $200

And these ones which are only available through Air Network Installers.
CS/CU-RE12NKR $100
CS/CU-RE12MKR $100
CS/CU-RE18NKR $150
CS/CU-RE18MKR $150
CS/CU-RE24NKR $200
CS/CU-RE28NKR $200
CS/CU-RE24MKR $200
CS/CU-RE28MKR $200

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