Citibank gold/silver credit card - no annual fee ever

7 September 2007

It seemed the deal has expired.

* Credit limit up to $25,000#
* Free International Travel Insurance1
* Minimum income requirement of $35,000 p.a.

* Credit limit up to $7,000#
* Minimum income requirement of $20,000 p.a.

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  • narut
    There is also $45 cashback deal here ]
  • Emma EDITOR
    I've changed the merchant on the first deal to Citibank triple... Nod and admin know about the BuckScoop tracking so maybe they can make sure that is ok.
  • nod
    You certainly can pick up the gold citibank card and receive cashback! You do need to go thru the "go to deal" link to ensure you pick up the cookie for tracking though Thanks Narut
  • sab988
    does this card with no annual fee ever include the reward program ??? :eek:
  • Netjock
    wouldn't mind knowing what the no annual fees don't include...
  • narut
    does this card with no annual fee ever include the reward program ??? :eek:
    I don't have the card myself but this person mentioned ]"The policy for fee free promote is the same as normal Citibank gold card"
  • Netjock
    tried to apply for the gold card but getting an error during 60 second approval? anyone else tried?
  • nod
    Just so this is clear I have dug a bit deeper. It appears that the offer we have been given by Citibank with $45 cashback states this:
    Terms and conditions apply (available on request). Subject to your acceptance you will be billed an annual account fee which is currently $250 for the Citibank Platinum card, $119 for the Citibank Gold Card and $69 for the Citibank Silver Card. *The 2.9%p.a. interest rate applies only to balances transferred with this offer for a period of 12 months. †Transferred balances will be repaid first. Any transactions made other than with this offer are at the standard Credit Card rate, currently 19.49%p.a., which is variable, subject to change and Citibank's credit criteria. ◊Actual credit limit will be assigned based on Citibank's credit criteria.
    But the offer above clearly says "fee free" Just to warn you people, Citibank may or may not honour the cashback. When you consider you will get a fee free CC then this deal is worth taking the punt on
  • Emma EDITOR
    It's worth giving the cashback a shot - as when you click through, the contract you sign up for will be the fee free credit card.... and if the cashback is paid, that is just an added bonus!
  • kampungboy
    Been trying to apply online but it keeps giving me errors!!! Anyone managed to apply?
  • Brad
    Not sure kampungboy, but welcome anyhow! Help won't be far away.
  • nod
    Hey Kampungboy, Welcome to Buckscoop Sorry that we were a bit late with this response. I have gone through the process for the Citibank application up until I need to add my financial advice and I don't get errors. And what stage do you get the errors Kampungboy. I suspect the errors are at the Citibank end
  • admin EDITOR
    where abouts is this error coming from you guys ?? What part of the process?
  • hellwolf
    I've already got a Citibank silver card with an additional cardholder, so I'm paying $69 + $15 annual fee. I want to signup for this deal so I can switch over to the same card, but fee free, however I don't want an additional credit application going against my credit record. We're looking at refinancing the home loan at the end of the year and I don't want anything extra on my credit history. It's an awesome deal though, especially if you can get the $45 cashback.
  • admin EDITOR
    Thats a pain hellwolf. Isnt it more that they look at the number of credit checks and the time period between them? I guess if you held the card for 5 years - pretty feasible - there's a decent saving. I was blown away when checking out another deal to find that amex were charging 300+ as annual fee's on some of their cards. In any case I reckon the banks make enough out of cardholders without charging an additional fee.
  • xenodus
    Hi there, i tried to apply for the gold card but getting an error during 60 second approval? Did anyone else has this kind of problem??
  • christanty
    I've called Citibank Customer Service to check on the validity of this deal. The deal is correct but the offered is expired already, it was only valid during Feb 07 :(
  • admin EDITOR
    Thanks for that christanty, and welcome to both you and xenodus - great to have your participation. At least we know why the application process is generating errors now.
  • nod
    WELCOME TO BUCKSCOOP XENODUS AND CHRISTANTY Shame about the offer as it was a good one. You can still sign up for the Citibank Gold card but the annual fees apply - you can get $45 cashback though - the Silver card annual fee is only $69 We might have to keep our eyes peeled for the next offer :)

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