Chemist Warehouse Review and a Comparison with other Online Pharmacies

We've seen a growing interest in Chemist Warehouse deals and coupon code discounts on Buckscoop this year. However, they are not the only online pharmacy who we see deals being posted for. Therefore, I thought it would be valuable to give readers a review of Chemist Warehouse as well as a comparison between them and the other chemist "e-tailers" in Australia.

There are certainly advantages to using online pharmacies including scenarios where you may be feeling sick and not wanting to leave the house, or you're trying to find ways to save money on your purchases. A very easy way to get discounts, for example, would be to head to Buckscoop's Vouchers page to pick up a Chemist Warehouse coupon, an Amcal promotional code, or a Chemist Direct discount code to use during checkout (all from the comfort of your own home). Other people may find online pharmacies useful for buying personal drugs or products that get shipped to them in a discreet manner, rather than having to buy them in person over the counter. Deciding which chemist or pharmacy to buy from online will depend on what you're type of product you're after, as well as a few other factors. So let's dive into that now with a review on some of the most popular ones in Australia.


Chemist Warehouse Review

Chemist Warehouse Review

They are one of the better-known online pharmacies and right off the bat you're generally able to get $5 or 10% off using a Chemist Warehouse coupon. and at other times they offer free shipping too. They also periodically release coupons for free shipping offering great value for money on lower priced items.


Why Shop at Chemist Warehouse?

They claim to be “Australia’s cheapest chemist” and their prices are competitive, but what else do they offer their customers?

  • Deal busting low pricesOrder medication online
  • An extensive range of online products to choose from
  • Heavily discounted vitamins and perfumes all year round
  • Chemist Warehouse do free shipping on all orders over $99
  • Price match policy plus 10% off the difference
  • 300 stores nationally


Current Offers

At Buckscoop we tend to have numerous deals and coupons on at any given time ranging from painkillers to perfumes. One product in particular that we get a lot of searches for is the water flosser by Waterpik at Chemist Warehouse, which if you see going for $89 or below - it's time to buy (e.g. previous examples here). Unfortunately, there aren't any active deals on it right now, however these are a few that are live on our deals board for you to consider:


Current Chemist Warehouse Coupon Discounts



Amcal Pharmacy Review

Chemist Warehouse Review

Another popular Australian online pharmacy, they are not as active when comes to releasing Amcal promotional code discounts compared to their competitors. Although they do seem to attract a number of regular customers off the back of their regular 10% off discounts along with their product bundles and free samples offered during their flash sale promotions.


Why Shop at Amcal?

Ordering Drugs from Online PharmaciesAmcal consider themselves to be the ones providing “Expert advice for every Australian” and with their large physical presence of stores across Australia they make themselves readily available to all. In addition to this, they also offer:

  • Long standing customer services, operating for over 75 years
  • Free shipping on all orders over $89
  • Option to Click & Collect in store for any orders placed online
  • Numerous deals on high end vitamins, supplements and baby products


Current Offers

This pharmacy doesn’t have many deals currently live on Buckscoop, but some of the more popular product offers we've seen include the Avent 4 in 1 Electic Steriliser’ (for under $100) or ‘Colgate toothpaste pro relief’ (for under $5). Here's the current active deal we have for Amcal:


Amcal Promotional Code Discounts



Priceline Pharmacy Review

Priceline Pharmacy Review

Priceline does position itself as an online pharmacy, but it’s also one of the most popular online e-tailers for beauty products and cosmetics too. The branding is very female orientated with plenty of pink across the website and the members club is even called the ‘Sisters Club’. Expect to find competitive sale prices on pharmaceutical products as well as beauty and skincare products, but unfortunately they don't issue Priceline Pharmacy promo codes very often (in particularly the highly sought after Priceline free shipping codes).


Why Shop at Priceline?

Priceline is considered the number one store in Australia for beauty advice, current trends and a personal female orientated service. They were founded in 1982 and opened their first store in Highpoint Victoria. Beside this, they also offer the following:

  • Home doctor service for club members
  • Discounted female products
  • A specifically female orientated brand
  • 400 stores nationwide
  • In-store makeovers
  • Over 13,000 products to choose from


Current Offers

Currently, they has a couple of deals listed on Buckscoop which you can view below. One product in particular that we've seen Priceline run heavy discounts on in the past, which is usually well received on Buckscoop, is the Veet Spawax for under $30. So keep an eye on for this on Buckscoop's deals board in the future.


Priceline Pharmacy Promo Code Discounts

There are no active coupon codes at present, but this page will give you an idea of what discount rates you can expect.



Cincotta Chemist Review 

Cincotta Chemist Review

Cincotta Chemist is currently running a 20% off discount on items bought through its eBay store, which in comparison to other online chemists seems like an unusually large discount. Cincotta was started back in 1951 and like its competitors, they also produce a weekly catalogue with different deals. Their most competitive prices tend to be on products such as hygiene waxes, wipes and nappies.


Why Shop at Cincotta Chemist?

Cincotta Chemist brand themselves as a discount pharmacy attempting to offer reduced prices on products across its entire range. It has a strong history of customer service with the founder, Umberto Silvio Cincotta who previously battled the courts to earn the right to serve customers outside of business hours. Other reasons to shop at Cincotta includes:

  • Very high 20% discount on eBay store currently
  • Good deals on hygiene products
  • Free delivery on orders over $99
  • Over 10,000 products to choose from
  • In-store collection available for online orders


Current Offers

Cincotta Chemist doesn’t currently have any active deals on Buckscoop. However they are known for selling heavily discounted hygiene products and nappies. Keep checking this page for good deals from Cincotta on items such as the Vicks warm steam vaporizer or Treasures Giggle nappies.


Cincotta Chemist Promo Code Discounts

There aren't any active coupon codes on Buckscoop currently, but you can expect vouchers such as $5 off orders over $30, or the occasional Cincotta Chemist free shipping code which lasts for 24 hours. To find out more about their coupon history, visit this page.



Chemist Direct / Pharmacy Online Review

Chemist Direct / Pharmacy Online Review

Chemist Direct and Pharmacy Online are owned by the same parent company with a tell-tail sign being that their offers and websites are pretty much identical. Most online pharmacies have a second brand to try and capture more market share, but in recent months these two have drastically reduced the amount of discount codes they offer. Their 'extra specials' still offer good value for money, although their online deals have lost their oomph.


Why Shop at Chemist Direct / Pharmacy Online?

Historically, these websites usually get a mention on Buckscoop during ‘Avent Baby monitor’ deals because their pricing is decent. However, due to the reduced competitiveness recently, other e-tailers have managed to beat their prices, sometimes by as much as 50%. They do have specials on from time to time worth paying attention to, such as price drops on ‘Dove Beauty’ soap bars that sell $0.99 per unit. Generally, you'll struggle to find those cheaper anywhere else, not even in the 6-packs. Other reasons to shop with at sites include:

  • Available to discuss concerns 7 days a week (09:00 – 17:00)
  • 40 years experience
  • Offer free gifts with purchases occasionally
  • Free shipping promotions on parcels up to 3kg


Current Offers

Both Pharmacy Online and Chemist Direct do not have any active deals on Buckscoop right now, but products to keep a look out for are ‘Veet natural hair removal cream’, ‘Oral B Prohealth toothpaste’, or ‘Neilmed Nasabulb nasal aspirator' as these tend to be discounted to lower levels than the competition when on sale.


Pharmacy Online / Chemist Direct Discount Codes

  • 5% off sitewide coupon code at Pharmacy Online
  • Extra 6% discount off sitewide



Pharmacy Direct Review

Pharmacy Direct Review

Pharmacy Direct has been operational since 1996 and has over 17,000 products to choose from within its large warehouse style store in Silverwater, NSW. Specialising in health food, they also offer a range of in-store free services.


Why Shop at Pharmacy Direct?

Pharmacy Direct doesn’t necessarily have one of the best looking websites or the most functional, but it does offer a number of free services that you won't find on this scale at any other pharmacy:

  • They still receive orders via Mail/fax
  • Free medical and health reviews
  • Free blood pressure checks
  • Free blood glucose monitorings
  • Free weight loss support
  • Free advice on vitamins
  • ‘3-hour want it now’ Sydney deliveries
  • Free delivery on all orders over $99


Current Offers

Similar to the other pharmacies here, Pharmacy Direct do not have any active deals or bargains to be snapped up currently. Historically, what we have seen them offer bargains on products like ‘Blooms Garcinia plus green coffee capsules’, Calvin Klein fragrances and ‘Pantene night miracle liquid’.


Pharmacy Direct Coupon Code Discounts

There are no active coupon codes for Pharmacy Direct on the Buckscoop website at the moment, however the majority of their offerings usually include a free product with your purchase e.g. ‘Two free pet collars when you buy any Revolution product’ or ‘Free Nivea sun beach chair with any Nivea sun product’.


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