Cheap massage

15 January 2007

One hour massage for $20. That is good value

Just read that it is done by a newbie and ya need to live in Sydney
- schlemster

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  • nelly
    Thanks for this. I live in sydney and will try to book - 20 bucks is nothing :)
  • jumpingjack
    Thx looks good to me really but not in Sydney so wayhey oh well. You two are on a posting binge?!
  • admin EDITOR
    thanks schlemster and great posting. 20 bucks for a massage is excellent value. Sort of like being a guinea pig. Welcome to BS as well. Excellent to have newbies posting. The good bit about massage by students is that they cant really leave any lasting legacy unlike haircuts by students. :D I've just added an expiry date to your post as the voucher lasts until 31st March.
  • nod
    Yeah thanks schlemster great to see new faces (so to speak) on BS and faces that aren't shy :p good to have some fresh new deals

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