CatchOfTheDay - Today Tonight Deal - Trivial Pursuit Digital Choice ONLY $9.95 + $6.95 Shipping.

7 May 2009

COTD have released a new offer to promote them being on Today Tonight!

Trivial Pursuit Digital Choice.

Keep every game fresh and exciting with the ability to connect to your computer via USB and download from a choice of an additional 1,800 questions in the categories YOU want.

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  • lilpretzel
    Please Note: One Per Customer.
    Trivial Pursuit Digital Choice In Store at Myers for $84.95 - Our Price $9.95!
  • kazyazy
    Great Find LP!! :)
  • andwis
    Excellent - just ordered one
  • lisss
    Great price, no denying that, but don't be fooled into thinking you're getting a huge discount. The rrp might be $85, however in December of last year COTD had these listed for $30 and they were selling instore at Target for $23.99. I was going to get one but then I thought, what if the question console breaks ? The game becomes useless. And then there's also the hassle of batteries. I think I'll stick with old fashioned cards for now. Of course if you're a total buff and know a lot of the answers, this is perfect as you can download 1800 more q&a :)
  • queenshrew
    Deal's gone. They're now offering 2x tontine pillows for $9.95 instead!

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