Catchoftheday - 5 piece chemical free cleaning kit for 17.90 (incl. shipping) + cashback

7 March 2008

Todays catch is :

5 Piece Chemical Free Cleaning Pack

RRP$79.95 Lift dirt, grime. Kill Bacteria!

Clean better, save money, time and the environment!

Today we bring you another brilliant Catch exclusive. Sourced from one of Australias largest chain stores, this is some surplus stock we managed to get our hands on, completely last minute. Featuring 3 different Enviro Cleaning Microfibre Gloves and 2 Microfibre Mitts by Chux. The Enviro gloves each normally sell for almost double our price for the whole pack!

* 1 x Enviro Cleaning Glove for the Kitchen. Perfect for cleaning all areas of the kitchen, lift grease, dirt, stains use it on your stove top, sink anywhere!
* 1 x Enviro Cleaning Glove for Dusting. Dont waste time with traditional dusters, the Enviro Duster Glove actually removes and lifts dust from the surface you are cleaning. Reducing the amount of airborne particles in your household and providing a far more effective clean.
* 1 x Enviro Cleaning Glove for Glass & Stainless Steel. Clean glass mirrors and stainless steel. Lift greasy fingerprints, dirt and dust and leave a sparkling shiny clean surface. All without using chemical polishers or grease removers.
* 1 x Chux Bathroom Mitt. Ready for the bath, sink, tiles, shower, mirror and glass!
* 1 x Chux Kitchen Mitt. Ready for dishes, kitchen benches and kids mess!

What makes these gloves so special? Microfibre!

* Microfibre lifts and traps dirt and grime without damaging surfaces. Microfibre is also much smaller than most bacteria, making it an effective bacteria killer! Dont use chemicals anymore and reduce air, land and water pollution and reduce waste and household rubbish.
* Save time. By utilising these Microfiber gloves for each of your cleaning jobs, you cut the amount of time spent on cleaning when to compared to conventional cleaning, all you need is warm water. Soap is optional!
* Save money. Throw away expensive chemicals and utilise just these gloves and water to replace your conventional cleaning apparatus.

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  • ScarletRubies
    I'd be wary of the quality of these - not all microfibres are the same. Sabco isn't a bad choice, and available in supermarkets at a much lower cost than Enjo (which in my opinion are great). I haven't heard of Chux making these before, but I'm not sure the first three are even Chux branded anyway.
    3 different Enviro Cleaning Microfibre Gloves and 2 Microfibre Mitts by Chux. # 1 x Enviro Cleaning Glove ... # 1 x Enviro Cleaning Glove ... # 1 x Enviro Cleaning Glove ... # 1 x Chux Bathroom Mitt ... # 1 x Chux ...
  • nod
    They are a fantastic idea but you are 100% right Ruby. The quality of the fibre makes a huge difference and it is worth paying that little extra to get something that works. Do you use the Enjo ones Ruby?
  • ScarletRubies
    Yeah, we've been an Enjo house since I was pregnant with my dorta in 2003. Couldn't stand the thought of a baby licking the walls or lying face down in a carpet full of chemicals... :) Now, I get headaches from being around cleaning chemicals, and can't stand walking down that aisle at the supermarket. We have a Sabco cloth for the car and I am happy with it, too.

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