CATCHATHON IS NOW LIVE, 100's of past COTD deals available today @ Dailydeals

3 July 2008

Is there anything you missed from catch of the day? Anything sold out before you could get in and bite? The CatchAThon is your second chance.

Take a browse through the available deals, maybe something for you.

There is a special on delivery where you will receive a 50% discount on shipping for any additional items you buy.

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  • voteoften
    Should be renamed crapathon.
  • sandgroper
    :D one mans meat is anothers poison. If it didnt work as a selling model then cotd would have disapeared a long time ago, you just need to pick out the kit thats of interest to you.
  • admin EDITOR
    Should be renamed crapathon.
    :D - so very true.

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