Catch Of The Day - World Best Seller - Super Shameze! Jumbo 8 Pack $9.95 + $7.95 shipping

3 August 2009

If the video is lifelike we should all have these instead of paper towels...

8 in the pack, 5 extra large and 3 jumbo

It's up to 27 times more absorbent than regular cotton or paper towels! You can use it ANYWHERE, to clean ANYTHING, on ANY surface and for ANY spills

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  • NoosieB
    Anyone tried these? Are they any good?
  • lisss
    We have these, bought them at a fair where they were doing a demonstration... they looked absorbant in the demo but unfortunately they're at the back of the cupboard somewhere never used. Paper towels are so much more convinient...
  • frogduck
    Hmm, if these are the ones that I got last time from catch of the day, they are really good at shifting water (not absorbing) if that makes sense :P and again, sitting on the cupboard doing nothing. However, the one that I bought at the fair was good, that one was like 2 for $20 or something :)
  • melscott28
    I bought something like these from red dot for $10. I hate them, they do absolutley nothing.
  • taskel
    Voted hot, these are brilliant for cleaning windows & mirrors, they leave no smears and save on window cleaning products! I actually havn't tried them for moping up spills yet, they just don't seem like the material would soak up anything? Still very good, would recommend. Oh and you can put them in the washing machine which is really handy.
  • Rosered
    Read some online reviews of these. Those who were happy with them said that in order for these cloths to work the best, you have to get them wet, wring them out and then they will work properly to absorb spills. They only work properly when damp. But I haven't tried them myself yet. Anyone willing to try that and report back? I was interested in getting some for spills and for rolling up woollens to absorb excess moisture after washing them. Too late to order from COTD now. I have been waiting for a free shipping offer for Deals Direct. I expect the discount stores will have them soon enough.

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