Catch Of The Day - Various $9.95 Products + Shipping + 4.95% CashBack

9 November 2007


Tenth of the Month Super Special

10 Products going for $10 Each!

Yall should know us by now, we are always looking for any excuse to throw a party. Its the tenth of the month, we have 10 awesome catches, all going at just $10 each.

Its a fresh, exciting, and extremely inviting new Catch of the Day special. I think Ill name this one the DECATCHLON!

Dont forget HALF PRICE SHIPPING for every additional item you purchase!

The full range is viewable/clickable right there on your right, but first up, the splendiferous:

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  • lilpretzel My pick! 6 x Coral Colours Lipsticks RRP$60 - 6 Unique Shades! Normally retailing for just under $10 a PIECE! For just $9.95 you receive 6 of Coral Colours lipsticks (All Unique shades). A top Australian cosmetics brand as featured in pharmacies and department stores. WILD. I'd call this an exclusive clearance, clearout, liquidation but there's really only one word that describes what's happening here: BLOWOUT! 6 Lipsticks All Unique shades: o Red o Violet o Pink o Gold o Bronze o Dark Purple
  • fairybelle
    HEy COTD are a cashback merchant now... thats great
  • admin EDITOR
    HEy COTD are a cashback merchant now... thats great
    Yea - recent addition to the stable. The cashback rate is pretty reasonable as well which surprised me :)
  • nod
    I was surprised that were offering cashback at all to be honest
  • trevorf
    I'll remember that for the future I found the shock "Anti-shock LED Walking Stick" a lil funny. If I ever wanted to find something like that again, I probably wouldn't know where to find one of em.
  • admin EDITOR
    What was the anti-shock LED stick ??

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