Catch of The Day - The Mystery Item - Worth $30 elsewhere, today just $3.99 + Free Shipping

30 March 2011


The Mystery Item!

Normally worth $30 elsewhere, today just $3.99!


Please note, todays mystery item is one singular item. If you buy several to pass around to your friends and family, you will receive several of the same item.

This mystery item is a ripper. The value is so good that we just want to surprise you - its something thats normally worth about $30 everywhere else, and its also something that most people actually need. Youre guaranteed to find that some of your friends or family will have a need for this item, so feel free to spread the word - you can buy as many as you like! Its not exactly a gift, but if you handed a few of these around, youd definitely be in most peoples good books.

Now heres the best part. If you receive this item only to find that you dont think it was worth it, well give you a refund of the full purchase price! There it is - its foolproof. $30 value for only $3.99 with free shipping nation wide, and its something youll most likely need. And if you dont need it, youll get your money back. NICE.

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  • owenhwh
    just bought one! crossing my fingers that it'll be good... otherwise, full refund is always there! haha!

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